FROM THE ROAD - Side of the Road

The sunsets across beaches, mountains, through the trees, across the swamp, falling sun behind the mountains. The fog, as it rolls across the water in the early morning and late evening breeze. The lights of the vehicles ahead and behind blind him and he blind others. Cars that crashed into walls, barriers, mountain sides, other cars, killing and maiming unseen motorists as police cars, ambulances and firetrucks wail and flash their blue and red lights that fall on his face as he drives past the scenes of others misery. The moon is full and so big on a night, or it’s missing in the darkest of nights making the road hard to see. Headlights illuminate the night as he drives his fog lamps lighting up the deer on the side of the road eating their fill of freshly mown grass. Other times they stand in the middle of the road and his car swerves around them to miss them by inches, but other animals haven’t been as lucky: rabbit, cat, dog, squirrel, toad on the road, opossum flattened by the front tire, skunk stinking up the car that he tried to straddle. He holds the camera of the cell phone level and makes a clean shot out the oculus window to his sides or in the front. He stops the car on the side of the road an makes pictures of the land covered in snow, trees, water or the blowing frigid ice as it sweeps across the pastures and roads.



From the Road - The Road Taken
Waiting for a Driver
Jekyll Island Welcome Center
Roanoke Parking Garage
Lost in the Past
NASA Fence Near Chincoteague
Clouds over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge
Ice Wonderland
Rolling Waves of the Heavens
Rainy Day on 664 Off Ramp
Off Ramp to 264 and Yield Sign
Overpass and Ramp to 264 in Norfolk
Jefferson Street Going Toward St. Andrews
Painted Folks Walk the Sidewalks
Escaping the Capital
The Dirt Road to the Barn
Cold Road to the Winery
Night Missle on Gainsborough
All the Advertisements to Read at the Tracks
Keep Right
Five Billboards with Fences
Virginia Western on a Foggy Morning
Red Oak Cemetary
The Road Passing Old Grain Mill
Portsmouth Cemetary in the Morning
Traveler in the Back Country
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