As the sun sets in the west and the moon rises in the east, it is at this moment in a pool of crystal clear water the goddess Aquae Sulis is reborn every evening at twilight. Aquae Sulis is an ancient goddess of the Roman age, however, she still holds sway over the springs of man. You may have caught a glimpse of her swimming naked in a pool of clear spring water. She may even beckon you to her with a nod of her head. Do not be afraid wanderer, unless you are not worthy of her kindness, for she can bestow the greatest of gifts upon you. Each gift is a soft kiss on the soul; a realization of environmental co-relationships of such magnitude that each strand of her hair divulge in a deluge the importance of the spring waters. These are the waters that give life to your world, my friend. Then you wake to find yourself looking at the spinning stars on the rocky edge of the stream. You look to find her, but she has gone with the ending of the twilight. She will appear in another place in the world, some other spring, and for some other being like yourself. And they will be blessed by the dark waters that have birthed the goddess of the spring.

Michael Wessel

Lacoste, France

Aquae Sulis 11
Aquae Sulis 54
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Aquae Sulis 9
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