We each have our sacred spaces and not all of them are physical places. Sacred Spaces is a selection of images from a period in my life when I was greatly influenced by the works of artists Jerry Uelsmann and Robert Rauschenberg. Jerry Uelsmann's influence was the way he cut up his images and then pieced them back together, while Rauschenberg's imagery was much more about materials and the "Neo-Dadaist" style. Of course the main purpose of the images came from my studies of the Surrealist movement. Dreams and perception are the foundation of these images. The first image in the series, "Anvil and the Red Door," was pieced together in a dream one night. When I woke I immediately drew out the details so I could remember exactly the images I would need to complete the collage. These sacred places are from my dreams, but they are not for me but from me as a gift to you the viewer.

Michael Wessel

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