Marred by Man or Time

Adding thousands of miles to my odometer every week, I drive down the highway viewing the land through the window of my car. Sometimes I stop to photograph the land next to the highway and at other times I take exploratory side trips into state parks. Whether my eye falls on a cotton field in the early morning light or a view of the mountains in the harsh light of midday, I am compelled to capture what I see: time and/or man changing the land. This marring or marking of the land can be permanent or short lived; although usually with time it is a permanent scouring. People build, scrape and puncture the land, molding it to the shape that suits his/her need. They build electric damns, plow fields and cut trees. While Time uses wind and water to change the course of a river or cut away the land to make valleys and mountains.

By defacing these images I add my own scarring, my own marring. This overlaying of rock surfaces or textures of man-made materials reflects how the land is changed over time. This makes the images look stained, textured by mold, scratched or water damaged. It is about crafting the image to confront the viewer with the impermanence of everything around us. By photographing in multiples my lens can capture more of the land, so that when stitched together the photographs show more of my point of view. By shaping my images to my sight instead of a predetermined final framing I add to the atmosphere and drama of the landscape.

Marred by Time and Man VI
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Marred by Time and Man
Marred by Time and Man II
Marred by Time V
Marred By Time and Man V
Marred by Time and Man VII
Marred by Time IV
Marred by Time II
Marred By Time and Man n III
Marred by Time and Man I I
Marred by Time I
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The Loving Family

Appearing to be happy at work and play, the all-American family puts on a good face for the outside world. But within the home, the façade breaks and a darker side becomes visible. The home reveals multiple types of emotional and physical scarring. Each member of the family unit has the potential to create turmoil and violence. Shedding light on the “loving family,” this is an investigation into the darker side of domesticity and its psychological and social ramifications. Psychologists use play as a means of ascertaining a family’s propensity for violence. By utilizing the idea of play therapy, my work looks into the psyche of family violence.

The Work: In 2007, the images for this body of work were photographed almost exclusively with a 4” X 5” large format view camera. Each image was captured on film, processed in the darkroom or color lab, scanned, adjusted in Adobe Photoshop and then printed either on an Epson 9000 or on a Lambda Color Print Processor. The final prints are 30” X 40.”

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Aquae Sulis

As the sun sets in the west and the moon rises in the east, it is at this moment in a pool of crystal clear water the goddess Aquae Sulis is reborn every evening at twilight. Aquae Sulis is an ancient goddess of the Roman age, however, she still holds sway over the springs of man. You may have caught a glimpse of her swimming naked in a pool of clear spring water. She may even beckon you to her with a nod of her head. Do not be afraid wanderer, unless you are not worthy of her kindness, for she can bestow the greatest of gifts upon you. Each gift is a soft kiss on the soul; a realization of environmental co-relationships of such magnitude that each strand of her hair divulge in a deluge the importance of the spring waters. These are the waters that give life to your world, my friend. Then you wake to find yourself looking at the spinning stars on the rocky edge of the stream. You look to find her, but she has gone with the ending of the twilight. She will appear in another place in the world, some other spring, and for some other being like yourself. And they will be blessed by the dark waters that have birthed the goddess of the spring.

Aquae Sulis 11
Aquae Sulis 54
Aquae Sulis 53
Aquae Sulis 15
Aquae Sulis 6
Aquae Sulis 9
Aquae Sulis 3
Aquae Sulis 14
Aquae Sulis 11
Aquae Sulis 7
Aquae Sulis 12
Aquae Sulis 5
Aquae Sulis 47
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