Michael Wessel is a kid at heart. As a boy he loved to take photographs. Little did he know a mere hobby would whirl him into a fruitful career of photographic pursuits. For many, becoming a professional photographer is a dream that perishes, but for Michael, he has been living his dream for the last twenty-five years.  In 1990, he received a Bachelor’s of Fine Art from Columbia College. During the next fifteen years he worked as a portrait photographer, restoration artist, and large format printer. Michael concluded his formal education in 2007 when he completed a Master’s of Fine Art at Savannah College of Art and Design. Since then, his talents have earned him several awards and exhibitions. Currently his career path has taken him to South Carolina State University where he works as the Curator and Studio Manager. Michael has also taught as an instructor for Virginia Western Community College, ITT-Technical Institute and the City of Roanoke.

Some of his bodies of photographic work include: The Loving Family; Aquae Sulis; Tops, Bottoms and Middles; and the newest series: Direction. The Loving Family series has proved to be one of Michael’s most accomplished bodies of work. Art, in its truest form, creates an inner-connection within the soul that causes ones feelings to stir. In these stunning images about play therapy, he uses his superb talent to summon raw emotion from within, which is the work’s ultimate charm. With Michael’s work, this sensation lingers inside, establishing a permanent relationship.

In his spare time, Michael loses himself deep within the Appalachian Mountains capturing images of ninety year-old cars on the foggy parkway, waterfalls that dance during the magic hour and the movement of light as the world slumbers. He continues to find beauty in moments that most folks take for granted; a child immersed in bubbles, a hot dog vendor awaiting his next customer or an arrow on the street subtly controlling our movement. His images are his feelings and thoughts conveyed so that we, too, become breathless. His creativity shows through every inch and angle in the imagery that he makes. A work of Wessel is more than art; a work of Wessel is a part of who we are.




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